September 2016

State of the art

Marking its 35th year of operations in Japan — as its parent company celebrates its 100th anniversary worldwide — BMW Group Japan is enjoying double-digit sales growth, even as the domestic auto market shrinks.
October 2016

Manoeuvring through uncertainty

The Tokyo offices of Morrison & Foerster (MoFo), one of the world’s leading international law firms, is busy helping Japanese clients prepare for the potential implications of Brexit on their business operations ...
December 2016

The hybrid recruiting-consulting firm

The challenges Japanese companies face today in recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce are well-documented and are set to become even greater in the coming decades — given the country’s demographics ...
January 2017

International law, samurai spirit

A full-service independent business law firm, Okuno & Partners has a history that dates back more than 90 years. It aims to uphold the samurai-inspired principles of its founder, even as it moves to internationalise its operations.
May 2017

Constancy and change

The predecessor to today’s The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, the Tokyo Hilton, was home to The Beatles in 1966, during their only trip to Japan to play a series of concerts at the Nippon Budokan. The Hilton had opened in 1963 ...
June 2017

Focused on innovation

In April, German-headquartered global pharma firm Boehringer Ingelheim reported worldwide sales growth for 2016 of 7.3% to €15.9 billion, and a jump in operating income to €2.9 billion. This success was driven in no small part by ...
December 2017

On a quest to meet unmet needs

King Arthur sought the Holy Grail; Captain Ahab the White Whale; and Dorothy the Wizard of Oz. German pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim is also on a quest, or, rather, a number of concurrent quests — to find unmet ...
September 2018

Total transformation

At 237 years old, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is leaner and more agile than ever before, with sharper vision, clearer values and a more modern mindset. Japan’s largest pharmaceutical firm has even recently had a complete makeover ...
June 2019

A very special environment

When you think of a boarding school, what comes to mind might be ancient dining halls, subdued uniforms and old-fashioned educational methods. But these are just the Hogwarts-influenced stereotypes. A boarding school and its staff provide the structure and fulltime support that can be the making of a profoundly successful child.
September 2019

Built on passion

Theme parks are fun places of wonderous scale, focused vision and careful attention to detail, but have you ever considered how they come to be?
March 2020

The personal touch

Technology is changing the recruitment industry. New services — such as online interviews, video CVs and AI-enabled resume matching — have allowed many firms to accelerate their processes.
April 2020

A distinctive personality

The iconic David Bowie had many faces (and hairstyles) over the more than four decades of his career.
July 2020

A leg up

With more than a third of Japan’s population expected to be 65 and over by 2050, there will be a growing number of creaky knees and arthritic joints across the country.
August 2020

The right partner

Edo Castle — the nexus of power of the Tokugawa Shogunate and now part of the Imperial Palace complex — was the site of political authority, as well as drama and upheaval, for five centuries.
October 2020

Better connected

Imagine an interconnected medical system capable of monitoring elderly individuals’ health in real time
December 2020

Haute cuisine at home

Tokyo’s fine dining restaurants are suffering. Due to the spread of Covid-19, residents of the metropolis have cut back significantly on going out for quality meals this year in order to stay safe.
January 2021

Unlimited potential

February 2021

Right for the job

The past year has been challenging for many businesses as the Covid-19 pandemic led to a dramatic drop in demand for goods and services — and it has been especially worrying for newer SMEs.
March 2021

Going by the book



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