July 2017

An ally of the LGBT community

The mayor of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, Ken Hasebe, is responsible for introducing to his district the partnership certificate, a non-legally binding marriage certificate for same-sex couples.
July 2018

A role model

I believe in the saying, “A life lived for others is the only life worth living”. I want to do everything I can to help those around me, to see that many people are happy, and so I’ve worked. To me, work is a means of meeting many people ...
August 2019

Japan’s Achilles’ heels exposed

At the funeral home where I work, pumps are part of the dress code, and I tweeted about how much they were making my feet hurt with the hashtag #KuToo — a play on the Japanese words for shoe (kutsu) and pain (kutsuu), and a nod to #MeToo.


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