October 2016

Centred on people

Founded in 1885 in Ingelheim, a small town on the Rhine River where it remains headquartered, family-owned pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim now has more than 47,000 employees at 145 affiliates around the globe.
November 2016

The WAA factor

The lofty goal of Unilever Japan’s new WAA (Work from Anywhere and Anytime) super-flexitime system is nothing less than to change the way Japan works, according to the company’s human resources director Yuka Shimada.
December 2016

Smooth ride

Despite the shrinking domestic automobile market in Japan — which is widely-perceived as having considerable import barriers for foreign cars, and particularly US vehicles — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been ...
January 2017

Skill-set specialists

Nothing is more important for success in business than finding people with the right skill set and cultural fit to help a company prosper and grow. And today’s increasingly rapid pace of technological change and globalisation ...
February 2017

The noble viking

As a philosophy student at the University of Edinburgh, Keita Koido was deeply impressed by the writings of British philosopher Peter Winch. In his essay “Understanding a primitive society”, Winch observes that if you want to ...
March 2017

Secure through the storms

At a time when many people feel that the world is once again entering a period of considerable instability due to unexpected political shifts, and increasingly rapid changes in the technology and business landscapes, financial security is more important than ever.
April 2017

Ship Shape

If you drive a foreign car, chances are that venerable Scandinavian firm Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics helped bring it to you. Not so long ago, there weren’t any foreign cars on Japan’s roads. For decades, the Europeans, too, drove mostly European vehicles.
May 2017

Mining the flexible economy

It may not be as immediately recognisable as Walmart or McDonalds but The Adecco Group is the planet’s third-largest employer after those two American behemoths. The Zurich-based staffing company manages 1.3 million workers ...
June 2017

Exquisite and powerful

I’m driving down Shinjuku-dori and tapping the accelerator very gingerly. There’s a 410-horsepower Ferrari engine under my foot and it growls at the slightest touch, like a beast ready to pounce.
July 2017

Creators of convivialité

“We consider ourselves to be creators of conviviality, in French créateurs de convivialité; it is our overarching reason for being,” says Tim Paech, president and CEO of Pernod Ricard Japan ...
August 2017

Rising to the top

The frozen, ready-to-bake bread and food group Aryzta can trace its history back to the final years of the 19th century, when the Irish Co-Operative Agricultural Agency Society was founded in 1897 ...
September 2017

Fixing Japan’s talent mismatch

One man’s feast is another man’s famine. The shortage of qualified workers in many crucial fields in Japan is proving a challenge for companies across the board. With bilingual professionals in ever shorter supply ...
October 2017

A new path

If you’ve ever wondered about the tools needed to bore through mountains, wonder no more. Atlas Copco, Sweden’s biggest industrial group, is currently using its hydraulic drilling rigs to help carve out the maglev line ...
November 2017

The gateway to Europe

At the turn of the millennium, then-president of Finnair Keijo Suila made a bold — and risky — decision to invest seriously in routes to Asia. It was a time when traffic from the continent only accounted for 6% of the airline’s revenue.
December 2017

Pole position

Get behind the wheel of a Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid and you’ll notice a small wheel within the steering wheel. Turn this driving-mode dial to Sport Plus and your seatbelt will automatically tighten, and the engine will growl when you give it gas.
January 2018

Bon appétit

Imagine a scheme that boosts productivity, employee health and loyalty; costs just ¥200–¥300 a day; and is essentially tax free. Surely employers would jump at the chance to sign on the dotted line, particularly those in a country facing chronic personnel shortages ...
February 2018

Unleashing potential

Competition is heating up for a limited talent pool of bilingual professionals to staff a booming corporate Japan. In this climate, two businesses — the bilingual arms of Japanese recruitment giant Recruit Group — serving the sector are undergoing a rebranding.
March 2018

A positive outlook

For years, Japan has been accused of not changing fast enough. Many bemoan factors such as the nation’s shrinking population, its outdated patriarchal business world and the sluggish economy.
April 2018

An emerging champion

The dangers that businesses are exposed to today are more considerable and diverse than ever before. One example is the threat of large-scale, organised cybertheft, brought about by the exponential growth of the digital economy ...
May 2018

A diverse community

On 23 May 1928, a group of 51 American businessmen founded Tokyo American Club (TAC) as an exclusive place for expatriate Americans to gather. However, over the past 90 years, the club has undergone several transformations, occupying six buildings in different locations around Tokyo.
June 2018

Sales master

Most people reach an age, goal or position in life where they feel they’ve achieved enough and can ease up a little and enjoy the fruits of their labour. But despite being at an age where many choose to retire ...
September 2018

In the pilot’s seat

“When I was a teenager, we had a ranch, and the only way we could get there was by single-engine plane,” explains Juan Rabanal, founder and CEO of fashion management consultancy Numero One. “The pilot would teach me ...
October 2018

Closing the gap

While we know we could probably eat better, drink less and exercise more, many of us go on happily believing that we’re actually quite healthy. Or, perhaps, we look at the cost of health food or gym memberships and think that they’re too expensive ...
November 2018

Changing with the times

“The times change, and we change with them.” While the truth of this proverb is evident, Japan can sometimes seem determined to stay the same. Even as the government promotes the idea of an “ageless society” — in which workers are encouraged not to retire at 60 ...
December 2018

Designing a revolution

Legend has it that Sunomata Castle in Gifu Prefecture was built in only one night, by soldiers during a siege. It’s said they used pre-built castle parts and fit them together under cover of darkness. While the account of such swift construction is an exaggeration ...
January 2019

Presidential refinement

If you’ve ever wanted to have a truly presidential experience, try driving a DS, the official car of France’s President Emmanuel Macron, as well as several of its past presidents, including Charles de Gaulle. First introduced in 1955, the DS was an immediate, popular success ...
February 2019

The driving force

America may be a republic, but there the customer is king; Japan’s emperor may not be divine, but here the customer is God — wherever you go, businesses stress the absolute primacy of the customer. But as firms the world over compete for those same kings and gods ...
March 2019

Time flies

Sporting IWC timepieces at the annual tradeshow were celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Rosamund Pike, Dev Patel, James Marsden and Ryohei Suzuki. They were there to promote a new line of 14 IWC Pilot’s Watches, including seven revamped Spitfire watches that are meant to evoke the overall aesthetics, as well as the cockpit design, of the storied British aircraft.
May 2019

La dolce vita

La dolce vita — or the good life, in Italian — is a life of beauty and enjoyment, often characterised by indulgence in culture, cuisine and clothing. But, according to Pontus Häggström, president and CEO of FCA Japan Ltd., and Tiziana Alamprese, the firm’s marketing director, the Italian joy of living isn’t found only in cinemas or restaurants — it can also be found in your car.
June 2019

Back to basics

Self-improvement is one thing. Improving your company is another. But it’s something else entirely to try and improve the image of the industry you work in. Ash Elfadeli, CEO at JAC International, a subsidiary of JAC Recruitment, is aiming to do just this — and as with any lofty ambition, he’s making sure to get the small things right.
July 2019

The hiring empire

In the era of globalisation, every company with vision strives to build a business empire on which the sun never sets.
August 2019

Much more on the menu

The traditional aspects of Japanese culture inevitably charm visitors to the country, but the traditional, paper-based processes still used at many Japanese companies inevitably frustrate those who work here. Edenred Japan has taken note and is moving quickly to modernise its business.
October 2019

Global growth partners

As scientists’ understanding of human biology, pharmacology and life sciences continues to grow, there is an increasing need around the world for specialists to research and to develop applications for the advances being made.
November 2019

Built to last

While Japan’s manufactured goods are known worldwide for their quality and durability, the country’s real estate doesn’t share a reputation for longevity.
December 2019

Never standing still

In 1554, German theologian Caspar Huberinus coined the expression, “Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis”, or, “The times change, and we change with them”, to express an undeniable reality of life.
January 2020

Something different

In the mid-19th century, George Pullman founded the luxury railroad manufacturing business the Pullman Company, which is credited with building the US’s first sleeping cars.
February 2020

Leading the revolution

People look to their leaders to guide them through challenges and changes. But as corporate Japan confronts the need to revolutionise its many outdated practices, are Japan Inc.’s leaders up to the task?
September 2020

New ways for the new normal

Twelve months ago, no one could have predicted a pandemic would force a major shift in the way the world works.
November 2020

An electric ride

While the flying car might still be some years off, the next stage in the evolution of the automobile is well under way.


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