High Stakes

Rolling the dice on casino gambling

Team leader

Mike de Jong talks with Naeem Iqbal, Managing Director, Intelligence Global Search

The deVere Group

A check up for your wealth

Bruce J Ellsworth

Policy fan and anti-smoking crusader

Recent News


Work place behaviour

Striving for a harassment-free environment

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Masao Torii

President and Representative Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Japan

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Manfred Hoffmann

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

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Professional development

MBAs and mini-MBAs

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The Guitar Doctor

Imagine being a classically trained musician, schooled in Vienna, accustomed to playing the finest, handcrafted instruments. Switching to guitar, you want to get serious, but can’t find any models to your liking at music shops. What do you do? You build your own. That’s what happened to Barnaby Ralph, an Englishman in Japan who makes […]

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Antalya, Turkey

Seaside splendour

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Animal Health

Reducing barriers to health and happiness

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Southern Italian Agri Food and Tourism IV in Japan

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, 28 February, 2014

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Nation Branding

What Japan can learn from China

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Home Alone

Self-sustained in the Nara mountains

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Ehime’s handmade sake

Winter is a busy time at Chiyo no Kame brewery in Uchiko, Ehime prefecture, Western Japan. Staff work around the clock in the freezing cold inside the old kura (brewery). Summer rice is milled to various sizes (that define the grade of sake), then steamed and combined with carefully nurtured mould— before being dropped through a […]

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Yutaka Tamura

Manager, Sakura Hotel & Café Ikebukuro

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