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Tokyo real estate

What does the future hold?

Hired guns

Japan’s weapons-makers now open for business

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Going Dutch

Mike de Jong talks with Ambassador Radinck van Vollenhoven of the Netherlands

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Corporate governance

Is the landscape changing under Abe?

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Woodford, weapons and eco-friendly parking

Back in June 2012, when former Olympus CEO Michael Woodford was awarded a £10 million settlement from his former employer, many thought the case would spark a new era in Japan: one of open governance and transparency. The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did follow with a new corporate governance code, designed to require […]

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Japan from the outside

Not easy, but not that different. And listening again.

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High hops

Brit brewer hopes to change beer perceptions

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Bodrum, Turkey

Expect the unexpected

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Looking to the future

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WAW! Tokyo 2014

World Assembly for Women Tokyo, 12 September 2014

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Bicycle parking, re-invented

Giken goes underground

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Japanese politics

Foreign executives beware

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Herbert A. J. Wilhelm

Schenker-Seino president and CEO

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Shikoku’s sumo kids

Sumo is often said to be Japan’s national sport, but it isn’t legally established as such, nor is it the most popular. Some would even deny that it’s a sport at all, stressing its origins as a Shinto ritual. In April around Shikoku, elementary school boys go to the local Shinto shrine to take part […]

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