May 2016



Johanna Honeyfield

Just before moving to Japan from Singapore in 2013 to take up the position of Representative Director for Diageo Japan, Johanna Honeyfield was asked to go in for a routine medical check-up. When one of the tests came back with a slight anomaly, she was advised to have further tests done.
“Long story short, the doctor tells me — just as all of our stuff is being packed into a container to move to Japan — ‘You have colon cancer’,” she recalls.

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MAY 2016 / Q&A

Open markets, stronger economies

“If we can work together effectively on the basis of open markets, our economies will gain, our businesses will gain, and our consumers will gain,” insisted EU Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska in her speech at the EU-Japan Business Round Table in Tokyo to an audience that included Japanese Cabinet Ministers and businesspeople. “The free trade agreement that we are negotiating will stimulate growth on both sides.”



A leap in the dark

With Japan’s demographic time bomb ticking, how will the government fund millions of retirements? And how will its pension reforms affect Europe?
Until recently, the office of the planet’s biggest public pension pot could be found in a dingy old building in central Tokyo. However, the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) now resides up the road in the swanky Mori Tower, among the movers and shakers of the global finance industry.



The Pebble Beach of Japan

“We think of Pebble Beach as our competitor,” says Hiromichi Murai, general manager at the Kawana Hotel in Izu. That’s California’s Pebble Beach on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Not many courses would have the audacity to compare themselves to one of golf’s legendary venues but, then again, what other resort courses in Japan have been visited by Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, John Wayne, Boris Yeltsin and Gary Player?

April 2016



Richard Collasse

At 17, Richard Collasse came to Japan knowing very little about the country, except that he wanted to buy a Nikon camera. Now, after having lived here for over 40 years, 20 of them as president of Chanel Japan, he has a deep appreciation of the country’s language, culture, history and people, as well as a keen understanding of the business of the international luxury goods market.

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Karl Hahne

“I need to accomplish new things all the time, so my life is a continuous trial and error,” says Karl Hahne, president and representative director of Häfele Japan. “I cannot sit still. I need to find new stuff [to do]. And I always believe that my greatest accomplishment is yet to come.”



Work Perks

Although salary may still be the first thing job seekers look at when scanning potential positions, perks and benefits are being increasingly recognised as crucial ways for companies to attract and retain staff, as well as keep employees happy and productive.



Yoshitaka Sonoda

Founded in March 1998, Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law offers reliable legal services to clients around the world. The firm has assembled an international staff of 80 people from eight countries who strive for clear communication, transparency, and mutual understanding.