Calling the shots

Lanis Yarzab, Spring Professional Japan

Renewable Energy

European firms see eco-friendly future in Japan

Small cheese

Euro products limited by tariffs and regulations

Rainy season

Growing up and living in England for many years, I saw my fair share of rain. But my first typhoon season in Japan — where 200–300 millimeters of rain in an hour is not unusual — redefined “downpour” for me entirely. Needless to say, shooting in this sort of weather requires a camera with some serious weatherproofing. I’ve ended […]

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Is it working?

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Luisa Santos

International Relations Director, Business Europe

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David Bickle

Rugby caps and executive leadership

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Going solar

SMA finds sunny opportunities in Japan

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Martin Fluck

President, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

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Inflation vs Deflation

Which is right for Japan?

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Tektronix takes top prize at awards ceremony, 11 June 2014

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Sharpening pencils for coming changes

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Lead trumpet

When one enters the room and closes the door, no sound can be heard from the outside world. The Kobe-bound commuter train is no longer audible; neither are the excited shrieks of trumpeter Harald Naess’s one-year-old daughter. It is the inner sanctum of Naess’s world — a ¥3 million soundproof room in his Nishinomiya, Hyogo apartment — where he […]

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Womenomics, renewable energy and nation branding

Kathy Matsui is likely Japan’s best-known campaigner for work-place equality. The long-time Goldman Sachs executive wrote her first Womenomics report in 1999, extoling the benefits of promoting women to executive positions in Japan. Matsui’s work has been so groundbreaking that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mentions her by name when speaking about the issue — a key element […]

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Brand building

Why Japan plays catch-up with regional competitors

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Benjamin Parks


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