Back to basics

Self-improvement is one thing. Improving your company is another. But it’s something else entirely to try and improve the image of the industry you work in. Ash Elfadeli, CEO at JAC International, a subsidiary of JAC Recruitment, is aiming to do just this — and as with any lofty ambition, he’s making sure to get the small things right.


“We always need to think from a client’s perspective … [and] to give them that extra mile of service”

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Sustaining Swissness

After 10 years in academia, with a focus on international economic law and East Asia, Ivo Kaufmann decided to take up a post in the Swiss government. Since 1992, he has held several positions, mainly in trade and investment. Before coming to Tokyo, he served as deputy permanent representative to the World Trade Organization in Geneva for four years.


Slurring their words

Producers, retailers and imbibers of alcoholic beverages are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the removal of tariffs since the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) came into force on 1 February. Yet while many are toasting the lower prices and higher exports, not everyone is fully satisfied.


Zensho Agency

The guiding principle of Zensho Agency (www.zensho.agency) is freedom. It empowers and inspires people to achieve what matters most in life. The firm’s commitment to excellence makes it an ambassador for change.


A very special environment

When you think of a boarding school, what comes to mind might be ancient dining halls, subdued uniforms and old-fashioned educational methods. But these are just the Hogwarts-influenced stereotypes. A boarding school and its staff provide the structure and fulltime support that can be the making of a profoundly successful child.



La dolce vita

La dolce vita — or the good life, in Italian — is a life of beauty and enjoyment, often characterised by indulgence in culture, cuisine and clothing. But, according to Pontus Häggström, president and CEO of FCA Japan Ltd., and Tiziana Alamprese, the firm’s marketing director, the Italian joy of living isn’t found only in cinemas or restaurants — it can also be found in your car.


Far more than fashion

For 20 years, Enrico Vattani has been serving Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his career, Vattani has worked in Rome in the Press Department, on online promotion and communications, and in the Cultural Promotion Department, dealing with the 90 cultural institutes Italy has around the world and, later, focusing on contemporary art.


Tidying up space

Houston, we have a problem. From epoch-making human exploration to the launch of weather and telecommunications satellites, our growing presence beyond Earth’s atmosphere has generated a troublesome byproduct: space junk floating around in orbit that poses a risk to spacecraft and astronauts.


Edenred Japan

Money is not the only motivator. There are also good meals. Edenred Japan offers to boost both employee loyalty and productivity by providing businesses with lunch payment solutions for workers, which they can use at participating eateries and convenience stores, a service called Ticket Restaurant.


Protecting prosperity

As the EU’s commissioner for trade, Cecilia Malmström lives to strengthen connections and increase prosperity. She oversaw negotiations on the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the world’s biggest and most comprehensive trade pact, which came into force on 1 February.


Dancing to a new tune

For more than a decade, it looked like pirates might sink the music industry. After annual physical album sales peaked in 1999 at $25.2 billion globally, the rampant spread of online piracy nearly halved the industry’s revenue, bringing it down to $14.3 billion in 2014.


Flying high

Austria and Japan established diplomatic ties in 1869 with the signing of the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, and this year marks 150 years of close bilateral relations.


Club 360

As Tokyo’s premier health and fitness centre, Club 360 is your one-stop-shop for personal training, boxing, physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports massage and group fitness classes. 


Time flies

Sporting IWC timepieces at the annual tradeshow were celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Rosamund Pike, Dev Patel, James Marsden and Ryohei Suzuki. They were there to promote a new line of 14 IWC Pilot’s Watches, including seven revamped Spitfire watches that are meant to evoke the overall aesthetics, as well as the cockpit design, of the storied British aircraft.


Off and running

Sports fans around the world are getting excited about the major sporting events set to take place in Japan this year and next: the Rugby World Cup will be held this autumn and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics next July, August and September. British Ambassador to Japan Paul Madden spoke with Eurobiz Japan about the importance of these events to the UK and the new opportunities they will bring.


Looking beyond Brexit

Many business operators in Japan have a stake in the continuation of a smooth trading relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, but as the UK draws closer to its scheduled departure from the EU at the end of this month, firms are still struggling to assess the potential impact of Brexit on trading conditions and their supply chains.


MEES International School

Euft van den Berg, from the Netherlands, founded MEES International School as a place where children can be children.



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