“how products look is just as important as how they taste”

Made for women

European liquor brands appeal to female customers in Japan


MARCH 2022 Industry Perspectives / Text by Toby Waters

Today, many European firms excel at catering specifically to the needs and preferences of their female customers. Liquor brands, in particular, are paying careful attention to women’s voices and are fully aware of the benefits this can bring to their businesses.

Ladies’ Choice
Beverage importer Whisk-e believes that some of its products, but specifically the Italian amaretto Disaronno, embody everything that women are looking for in a drink.

“Disaronno is an emblem of fashion, elegance, uniqueness, and passion,” says Giacomo Tommasi, brand coordinator at Whisk-e for Disaronno. “Women can express their femininity and inner strength not only through the brand, but through the drink itself. Disaronno gives women the chance to be true to themselves.”
With more women showing interest in different types of drinks, brands such as Zubrowka are increasingly focusing on introducing products that will appeal to women in Japan.

“In order to attract more female spirits drinkers, we decided to import a pink spirit that is lower in alcohol volume — something that would appeal to people who prefer lighter drinks,” says Rafael Souza, Zubrowka’s brand manager in Japan. “Żubrówka Rosé is a light, berry-infused vodka liqueur with a unique flavour profile: wild forest raspberries and cranberries, as well as a hint of juniper. It is a natural, refreshing drink that was made to be enjoyed with friends.”

Flowing smoothly
For Zubrowka, attracting more women to its products depends on keeping up with the attitudes and tastes of women today.

“We are always following the key consumer trends among women to make sure that the products we offer stay relevant,” says Souza. “For example, women’s alcohol consumption habits are changing. Today, they are drinking less but are willing to pay more for higher quality products. They are also increasingly interested in discovering new flavours and experimenting with food and drink pairings.

“Additionally, women are more health conscious and want products with natural and organic ingredients in their drinks,” he continues. “Also, sharing their experiences on social media is important to many women, so appearance is key: how products look is just as important as how they taste.”
Whisk-e is committed to presenting Japan with striking images of the products it offers and catching women’s attention that way.

“Disaronno is a well-known icon of style, and it has a unique taste,” says Sarah Hickey, marketing manager at Whisk-e. “Our marketing activities portray a chic lifestyle that resembles the Italian Dolce Vita. As we collaborate with key opinion leaders and invest heavily in digital marketing and below the line marketing activities, we are engaging more closely with our target audience.”

“For example, we created a promotional video to show consumers how to enjoy Disaronno at home with their female friends. It also directed customers to our Amazon page, which resulted in a significant increase in sales.”

More proof that prioritising diversity brings benefits to the bottom line.